HeadQuarters interaction design

Click thumbnails to see full format 1024x768 in separate window, then click on the pop-up image to close it again.


(no tabs opened, teams are seen moving around on the medieval map)

default (complete zoom-out). the 4 icons will glow when events occur.

zone-info on

zoomed in + things on the map: team location (will glow), other teams locations (numbered, dont glow), new assignment (white), completed assignment (brown), own boobytraps.
rollover tooltips give more precise info


tab showing all mission info, finished, current and (partly) future assignments

game brief

zones. intro clips can be viewed here when zone is 'opened', also has teaser for HQ to define strategy

assignment = "lokatie", default when team walks onto assigment location

completed assigments. HQ can browse all "lokaties" until now in game.

in this screen "lokatie media" would normally be locked (see prev screen). this is how it looks when this would be the active assignment & media is not submitted yet

all tabs can be scaled (dragged) to preferred size. the subtabs in each tab get miniscrollbars if needed. (the content always scrolls only vertically.


tab giving access to a webbrowser and a present day map of the city

fully functional webbrowser (no popups), when media is dragged over (closed) MEDIA tab, it will change to 'bewaar'

when MEDIA tab is opened, media can be dragged onto the larger green area to store

the modern map. when entering zone, the 'mission' icon will scroll the map to the first location (bewijsopdracht, modern location is given to HQ)


tab displaying all collected, incoming and outgoing media

the other subtab of MEDIA is where media is received from the Pelgrims, the rollover functions of thumbnails are 'view' & 'delete'
in the 'HQ verzameling'-subtab, 'send' is available as well, to send media to pelgrims (see prev image)


tab showing game status, team scores, points/items

score overview (totals of all teams)

score overview this team, per zone. max points/zone are also given for HQ strategy planning

won 'booby-points'. clicking the icon will find the placed ones back on the map. only pelgrims can place boodytraps.

won 'cloak-points'. cloaking can only be activated by pelgrims.

booby trap!

outside team stepped on a boobytrap ("frequency bomb")