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Waag Society research & development context

Waag Society researches and develops media technology that supports cultural, educational or artistic empowerment and expression. We have already done this in numerous projects, and below are a few examples which can all be found on the Waag Society website. The Frequency 1550 mobile gaming pilot is a logical next step for several of our research areas.

Adventure/game based learning

With DemiDubbel (1998) and Teylers' Adventure (2002) we have been looking into expanding traditional education into new media experiences in schools and mueseums. Participating in an adventure game has proven to be an engaging means to absorb knowledge and develop skills.

Self-expression through active mediaproduction

With the KidsEye projects (1998-2004), the Story Table (2003), ScratchWorx (2003-2005) and many other projects we created tools and settings to create media based on both education-driven events and personal experiences.

Mobile locative media

With Amsterdam Realtime (2002) and the Riga spinoff (2003) we developed a widely appreciated two-month art project dealing with the mapping of personal space. It showed how a creative use of positioning technology can influence the experience of space and time.

Worldwide mobile and location-based gaming development

Some inspiring developments and useful resources we like include (among many others) :